class of 2016 slogans

Class of 2013

class of 2016 slogans

  • What are some freshman slogans for class.
  • What are good ryming class of 2016 quotes.
    Lafayette Enjoys Record-Breaking.

    class of 2016 slogans

    24.03.2012 · Best Answer: Follow your dreams.. Class of ’16 or Class of Sweet ’16 WOOO SWEET 16!!! :D i have plenty of class of 2016 :D

    Graduation slogans for class of 2016?.

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    Class Of -

    What is some sayings for the class of.

    Senior Class Slogans – Top 10 Funny Class.
    Class Of –
    Woohoo! Class of 2016!! I have always just just "sweet ’16"- make sure to have a lot of candy!!!! I’ve heard "Step aside while we rock the scene, we’re the class of
    Pushing seniors into walls, breaking all the junior’s jaws. Sophomores screaming holy shi*, cuz 2016 runs this b**** ;)
    Class of 2016 Quotes

    Slogans for class of 2016 (freshmen)?.

    Senior Class Slogans – Top 10 Funny Class.
    CLASS OF 2016 T-SHIRTS | 2016 GRADUATION GIFTS | FUNNY CLASS OF 2016 TEES AND DESIGNS Shop for cute Class Of 2016 t shirt designs with funny class slogans on tee
    Need a catchy class slogan? Find lists of popular class quotes and ideas for your senior, junior, sophomore, or freshman class.
    02.10.2012 · Best Answer: 8,9,11,12 So fresh, so fly Making a scene till 2016 Hangin around here for 4 more years 16 men & womenon a dead man’s chest, all in jest
    homecoming is coming up and the whole grade is making t-shirts and we need slogans. we have some like this we’re fresh, we’re clean. we’re the class of 2016.

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